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A visit to Ramoji Film City

Hawa mahal
I had a wonderful trip to Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.  I had to meet an old friend of mine after a lapse of 5 years.  She had come on leave from Malaysia and she requested me to spend a holiday with her.
We booked a one-day tour and they took us to Ramoji Film City, which is said to be the world's largest Film Studio Complex.  After a thorough security checking we were allowed inside.  We are not allowed to take food inside.  Many restaurants are also there.  Inside there are many tour buses red in color, which take the visitors to different localities.

For Children

Railway Station setting

It is pretty expensive, but it is worth the amount. You can really have unlimited fun for all age groups, and see a city with all the film settings. For shopping also there is no shortage.

You can find model railway station there, a air plane with usual size, Hawa mahal, Taj Mahal, caves, zoo, gardens like Japanese garden, Charisma garden, Umbrella Garden, Leg Garden, Family garden, Sanctuary garden,  water falls, Hollywood setting, Eureka, Jug fountain, and various statues are some of them.

There are many rides such as Bumping car, Ranger, Break dance, Twister, Super Jet, Thrill ride etc. and also some Shows such as Stunt show, Spirit of Ramoji. You can learn the movie making secrets at Ramoji Film Magic, such as how the scenes are made, how the sounds are added, and how the stunt scenes are made etc. 

On the whole it is a must visit place to enjoy a wonderful day. One day is not sufficient to see everything there, but at least making a day's trip is worth the amount you pay. The place is well maintained, and also with toilet facilities in many places.

Winter is the best time to visit Hyderabad, especially Ramoji Film City.


Debosmita Roy said…
Thank you for the post on Ramoji film city. Visitors visit the place to enjoy a moment with their favourite film set or to gather knowledge about the various segments of movie making. There are also various activities inside the premises. Check here for Ramoji film city entry fees and other information.

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